World June 2, 2023 - 3:45 pm

Presidents of the Dominican Republic and Guyana agree to support to achieve political stability in Haiti

Georgetown.- The President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, and the President of the Dominican Republic, Mr. Luis Abinader, have issued a joint declaration emphasizing their commitment to enhancing bilateral relations between the two countries. They have expressed their dedication to fostering greater collaboration in various key sectors, including energy, agriculture, tourism, trade, ICT, infrastructure, and industry.

The establishment of a Dominican Embassy in Georgetown and the appointment of a resident Ambassador has been hailed as significant steps to facilitate cooperation and create opportunities for closer ties.

During the official visit, three bilateral agreements on political consultation, air services, and energy cooperation were signed, further solidifying the commitment of both nations to strengthen their relationship.

President Ali warmly welcomed President Abinader and his delegation, which consisted of high-level government officials and representatives from the private sector. They engaged in constructive discussions focused on enhancing bilateral relations and fostering closer cooperation between Guyana and the Dominican Republic.

Both Presidents recognized the immense potential for collaboration between the private sectors of the two countries and encouraged greater partnership and investment from companies in Guyana and the Dominican Republic. They acknowledged the important contribution of the private sector in advancing the bilateral agenda and looked forward to the commencement of commercial Skycana flights, which would boost tourism and facilitate travel between the two nations.

In addition to bilateral matters, the Presidents also discussed regional, hemispheric, and multilateral issues of mutual interest and concern. They reiterated their commitment to addressing challenges such as food security, energy security, and the impact of climate change, particularly for small island developing states. Upholding the rule of law, protecting sovereignty and territorial integrity, promoting democracy, and respecting human rights were underscored as essential pillars for regional peace and security.

The joint declaration underscores the shared vision of the Dominican Republic and Guyana to deepen cooperation, strengthen ties, and work collectively toward the sustainable development and prosperity of both nations.


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