Economy February 18, 2024 - 11:00 am

ProIndustria reaffirms recovery and expansion of industrial parks in the east of the country

Quisqueya – The Center for Industrial Development and Competitiveness (Proindustria) has concentrated important efforts during the last three years on the refurbishment and readjustment of the main industrial parks in the country.

For the entity, the recent rehabilitation of the Quisqueya Industrial Free Trade Zone, located in this province, is satisfactory, following joint efforts with Governor Aracelis Villanueva, as well as by the municipal mayor of the locality, Richard Montilla, and the representative of this company in the Dominican Republic, Juan Irías.

The reopening process included the management of an agreement that made possible the advances in the construction of the two warehouses promoted by Invema Dominicana, which are conceived for the collection and recycling of plastic waste and are expected to be finished between April and May of this year.

In its first stage, these warehouses will guarantee 240 jobs, while for its second phase, the number of vacancies is expected to double.

It should be noted that this project will have an investment of over US$50 million under the public-private cooperation model of Proindustria, which implies the recognition of investment.

The project has an extension of more than seven thousand square meters and a social impact of creating some 1,200 indirect jobs.

Boosting the Eastern Region
Honoring its commitment to innovation and the development of the national manufacturing sector, the institution announced earlier this year the start of the bidding process for the construction of three new industrial warehouses for the Free Trade Zone of the province of Hato Mayor, with an investment of 140 million pesos, which is expected to create around 400 new jobs.

Likewise, the renovation of the current space of the free zone was announced, including sidewalks and curbs, adequacy and beautification of the front, and cleaning of the land.

On the same date, it was reported that the tobacco company Élite Tobacco Company would complete the first stage of its warehouse in the Free Zone of El Seibo, where a factory of mechanized cigars and premium cigars would be installed.

It should be noted that this project would represent about 150 new jobs for the province of El Seibo and contemplates an investment of 300 to 400 million pesos.


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