Bavaro & Punta Cana October 8, 2022 | 6:04 pm

Bus driver who caused deadly accident in Bávaro with tourists was under the influence of cocaine

The accusing body asks for one year of preventive detention and that the case be declared complex.

The hearing was postponed to next Wednesday.

Franklin Nin Pérez, 47, the driver of the bus that overturned with 51 tourists on board last Wednesday on the Bulevar Turístico del Este, Bávaro, La Altagracia province, was driving under the influence of cocaine, according to the Ministry’s accusatory file.

The prosecuting body affirms that the analyzes presented by the IMG Hospital confirmed that Mr. Nin Pérez tested positive for this substance.

“One (1) test and/or analysis of cocaine, by Mr. Franklin Nin Pérez, carried out by the IMG Hospital medical center, yielding a positive result,” says the document that details 16 tests against the accused.

The Public Ministry requests that, given the magnitude of the accident, which left three women dead (Valeria Victoria Brovelli, Valeria Paola Medina, and Carla Rodríguez) and 46 injured, that the case be declared complex and that one year of preventive detention is imposed.

In addition, the Public Ministry requests before the Court that the provisional seizure of the vehicle, a Volkswagen bus, year 2017, owned by Banco Popular.

According to the preliminary report from the Emergency Operations Center, the bus driver lost control while trying to avoid hitting a truck, and for this reason, he left the road and overturned.

However, a tourist of Chilean nationality who survived the accident, denied the preliminary report of the Dominican authorities in a media outlet in her country, assuring that the driver had an accident because he was speeding and not because he was performing a maneuver to avoid impact with a truck.

Dominique Esperanza Dreckmann spoke live to the news program Meganoticias de Chile, from Hospiten Bávaro, where she received medical care after the accident.


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Paul Tierney
October 9, 2022 10:26 am

So, he was driving under the influence. He is alleged to have been speeding, no study/investigation has been made public of this. Video footage from a nearby cc camera may assist to provide a speed.

Banco Popular may be the owner of the bus because they are holding the title to suggest there is vehicle loan. The question is what company is operating the bus? Yet, it is published who owns the bus, selective information!

October 9, 2022 6:59 pm

This is not a news …
Everyone knows that 90% of them are always high …And I’ll defend them …they are working 12-15 ,hour shifts for $15-17 thousand pesos per month …We are lucky that number of accidents and deaths is not higher …
Tomorrow they’ll get another one…He’ll chase “moro” ever morning ,till after few months on the job they start to mentally and physically break down …
Officials are gonna cover this well as usual , he’ll be the fall guy…Another “driver ” future “kamikaze will take his place …
People don’t expect nothing to change …just be vigilant and try to stay out of harms way …!!!