Bavaro & Punta Cana April 12, 2024 | 1:41 pm

The Government says ‘no impunity in the case of a Haitian minor’

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Government has stated that there will be no impunity in the case of the heinous assault committed against a 14-year-old Haitian minor by agents of the General Directorate of Immigration in Punta Cana. This incident, which occurred last Friday in the Ensanche Bulevar area of La Altagracia province, has deeply saddened the community and shaken our collective sensibilities.

Homero Figueroa, the spokesperson for the Presidency, expressed regret over this tragic event and guaranteed that justice will prevail. He emphasized the importance of trust in the legal system and the protection of human rights. “As a nation, we have a duty to create a safe environment and foster mutual respect between undocumented foreigners and immigration agents”.

The accusation, filed with the Prosecutor’s Office of the Bávaro Gender Unit, alleges that the minor was sexually assaulted by several agents of the General Directorate of Migration (DGM). In response, the DGM has taken a firm stance, vowing to terminate the employment of the implicated inspectors and ensure their availability for legal proceedings.

The Dominican Government vehemently condemns any act that violates human rights and jeopardizes the well-being of individuals within our borders, regardless of their nationality or status. Such actions are utterly unacceptable in our country.

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April 12, 2024 7:15 pm

Noble comments from the pit of lies. Corruption and racism are the only things that most of your government and civilian population understand and practice well.

April 13, 2024 8:21 am
Reply to  platanofrito

It was incident that needs to be resolved. Why doesn’t Haiti get their country in order so they wouldn’t be 4 to 5 million Haitians in the Dominican Republic. That should be the question.