Business & Pleasure June 21, 2017 | 3:06 pm

Caribbean Tourism Exchange announces Gastronomic Festival

Chef Annie Camacho

Santo Domingo.- Focused on spurring the growth of the Dominican gastronomic offer as a key pillar of tourism, and showcase the most innovative tendencies of regional cuisine, the Caribbean Tourism Exchange (BTC) on Wed. announced its 21st annual “Gastronomic Festival Gourmet Flavors,” hosted by prominent pastry chef Annie Camacho.

The Festival that starts 4pm Friday, June 23 at the Hotel Dominican Fiesta Convention Center is intended to highlight the creativity of Creole gourmet cuisine from the region’s countries that will be presenting their products within the BTC, including Panama, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Argentina, El Salvador, Aruba, Colombia and Argentina.

“The participants are veteran chefs with a passion for haute cuisine, and have expressed enthusiasm in taking part in this festival and allow the Dominican public to taste some of their best creations and get to know their culinary techniques.

“Latin America is a continent with an impressive richness and diversity in the gastronomic aspect, which represents an important link for tourism, and this Festival will highlight the main qualities of the Latin American cuisine,” said BTC vice president Luisa María de Aquino upon making the announcement.”

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