Business & Pleasure July 13, 2017 | 8:13 pm

Viamar Group announces 1st Invitational Golf Tournament

Alejandro Jovine, Sonia Villanueva, Fernando Villanueva, Sara Villanueva, Felix Olivo, Carlos Azar

SD. With the support a of its main business allies, the Viamar Group will gather customers, suppliers and people from the business world, to spend a different moment in a cocktail to help the charity “Love me as I am.”

Viamar’s 1st Invitational Golf Tournament aims to raise funds for “Love me as I am,” as part of the activities to mark its 54th anniversary.

The competition will be held Saturday, August 5, starting 8am at the Casa de Campo Country Club, with the keynote speech by Viamar Group president Fernando Villanueva, and welcome remarks by Felix Olivo.

Villanueva expects over 100 players in the tournament, with prizes including 4 holes in 1, to win a vehicle of one of the Viamar brands.

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