Business & Pleasure March 9, 2020 | 12:02 pm

US Embassy hosts commencement for women entrepreneurs

Press Release

Santo Domingo.– The United States Embassy in the Dominican Republic, Pretty Busy Club and the Innovati Foundation celebrated the graduation of the first group of the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) program, an initiative of the Department of State to support women entrepreneurs worldwide.

Thirty-six entrepreneurs from Santo Domingo, Santiago, Moca and Punta Cana received mentoring, training and business support through an inclusive learning community, using the DreamBuilder and Pretty Busy Club business education platforms, to transform their businesses into products and high impact services. DreamBuilder is an online business training platform, developed by the Thunderbird School of Management at Arizona State University.

Through the program, the fellows developed strategic business plans with which they increased the income of their companies, expanded their work teams and created new employment opportunities, perfected and created new products and services, and created strategic alliances to place their companies in new outlets.

The program also promoted cooperation and the creation of alliances among the scholars, taking advantage of the diversity of products and services offered by the participants, from food and drinks, to event and multimedia production, among others.

The fellows lead companies in various sectors including foods such as Melao Cocktails, Crookies, Damn Good Kitchen, La Green Chef, Dar Lata Cookies, MaJo Hand Made Tea, La Providencia and Vita Bites; fashion and beauty like La Caja Rosa, Divas Plus Store, EcoBats, MD Store, Nadora, Nature U, Odette’s Designs, Soles Swimwear and The Statement.

Also trade and business such as Brands of Dominican Republic and Paulino Lara Financial Advisors; communication and audiovisuals such as The Good Made, LOUNGE Events, M33 Estudio and Piragua Films; education and coaching such as FH Puentes de Inclusión, LJ Coaching, Mena’s After School, Mother Bee, Speech Write and Tetaholic’s Club; and other products and services such as Bless My Funk, D.Signers Group, Diario de Victorias, La Ñapita, Mis Creaciones By PC, Palmera Tours and Print Ideas Online.

The closing event took place in the Ana Henríquez salon of the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo, where the scholars showcased their progress and achievements in the program and had a space for professional interaction to present their products to those present.

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