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Canadian alt-rock band Still Eighteen shares ‘Tomorrow’

Santo Domingo.- “Really love that the sound design retained the rawness of the instrumental lines, really amps up that cool edgy vibe.”  — Lemon Fresh Music

As we’ve finally said goodbye to a most painful and difficult year, Canadian alt-rock band Still Eighteen is excited to share their newest single “Tomorrow”. “Tomorrow” is an anthem for brighter days ahead — a time when we can finally cast off our masks and step out from the darkness and into the light.

The verses paint a picture of the dark days of the pandemic, while the choruses offer us hope for the future – eventually building to a very uplifting final chorus. It’s the band’s intention that the song will offer a sense of hope and healing.

The members of Still Eighteen include former Platinum Blonde & Trixie Goes Hollywood frontman Joey Ciotti (guitar, lead-singer, co-songwriter) along with his wife Karen (drums) and their daughter Samantha (bass guitar, vocals and co-songwriter).

Still Eighteen has been dubbed a “Rock Protest Trio” by Emerging Indie Bands because many of the band’s songs focus on the hot button issues of our society.

Still Eighteen said, “2020 was such a tumultuous year and so far 2021 is following suit, but we are optimistic by nature and we have to believe that one day this will all be over and things will be better. ‘Tomorrow’ is our testament to that belief and we hope it brings some solace to those who need it.”

The band has been keeping busy during the pandemic by constantly writing and recording new music and Joey and Samantha are currently on set in the Dominican Republic acting in a major movie! The band’s recent single & video “I’m Finding It Hard to Believe in Something” (which was also inspired by the pandemic) has been resonating strongly with their fans, with hundreds of thousands of streams/views and so many shares and heartwarming comments from all over the world.

Let’s see what “Tomorrow” will bring!

You can find out more about Still Eighteen on their website and social media channels and “Tomorrow” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, Claro Music and more!

An Anthem For Brighter Days Ahead – following up on their previous acclaimed single, Canadian Alt-Rock Band Still Eighteen release another pandemic-inspired song, “Tomorrow”.   (March 12th)

“This is a song that recollects the darkness that we went through last year and tries to inject some hope that there will be better days ahead. …I appreciate how your song gives humanity hope in 2021.” — Common Sense

“Such a wonderful singing voice and a very cool track.” — Independent Spirits

“…love the energy of this track.” — Girl At The Rock Shows

“…an easy listening build, beautiful vibes and catchy melodies… big respect for the band’s efforts.” — Metalhead Community Magazine

“I love the instrumental and the guitar was super clean. The lyrics were great as

“Strong vocal layering. Positive message…! — Indie Obsessive

“…such a pretty fresh indie rock tune!” — Indie Tapes

“It’s a cool upbeat rock tune.” – SonicBlender

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