Business & Pleasure April 16, 2021 | 3:29 pm

First real estate registry of the State is delivered

Santo Domingo, DR.

In the presence of the Ambassador of the European Union, Gianluca Grippa, the Project’s first results for the Updating of the Inventory of Dominican State Real Estate were delivered yesterday.

This project is implemented through the Program to Support the Reform of the Administration and Management of Public Finances and the Mobilization of Internal Resources (Progef) and is financed by the European Union.

The first phase of these deliveries of results provided to the General Directorate of Governmental Accounting (Digecog) for their corresponding accounting entry pertains to the Ministries of Education, Public Health, Defense and Interior’s real estate assets and Police.

In terms of the expectations of the general results of this project, the ambassador of the European Union, Gianluca Grippa, said that by the end of 2022, our country would have slightly more than 9,500 properties inventoried in their physical, legal, and economic aspects and formally incorporated into the State’s patrimonial accounts.

“The purpose is to overcome one of the weaknesses that remain latent in the financial management system in the Dominican Republic; we know the intention of the authorities to work hard to achieve the best qualifications,” added the diplomat.

The general director of Digecog, Félix Santana García, said that “this Project for Updating Inventories of State Real Estate corresponds to the purpose of the Government led by the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader Corona, to fight corruption by making every state aspect be handled with due neatness and transparency.”

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