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The country’s forestry needs breaks to develop: Expert

Santo Domingo.- The countries which have developed their forest sector have had strong institutions focused on the topic, with strong forestry legislation, legal security and land-use planning that clearly indicates where to plant and a concerted and enforceable nationwide plan.

That’s how Ecuador Sustainable Forest Management Corporation (CONAFORS) director Juan Carlos Palacios sees it. He’s the head of a private entity that groups key lumber producers and processors in that country, and works with government agencies to develop public policies to benefit the sector.

Palacios said another important aspect to develop forestry is for state to provide incentives for producers, since it’s an activity which provides significant environmental benefits to communities, including water regulation, CO2 capture and lush scenery of the plantations.

He said public policies establish incentives to increase forest cover, because in his view a private producer cannot assume all costs that benefit the public, and it’s a long term investment medium.

"So that’s the time the government must encourage the producer who isn’t receiving benefits so they can solve some of their expenses. If this doesn’t happen it’s very difficult to motivate private producers to plant a forest. It’s more attractive to plant short or medium cycle products, "

Interviewed by Tend your Garden show hosts Paino Abreu and Bernabe Mañon, Palacios added that all countries which have generated long-term forestry development have provided incentives.

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