Economy January 8, 2015 | 11:47 am

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New York’s unprecedented official ID benefits Dominicans

New York.- New York City will start issuing the IDNYC municipal identification card next week to tens of thousands of undocumented aliens, including thousands of Dominicans, who live in the five boroughs.

The unprecedneted IDNYC will allow undocumented immigrants to use the card as a valid government identification to open bank accounts, to enter free city museums, services in public libraries and accepted by police .

Currently if a person is stopped by police and has no identification, they can be detained until their identity is established.

New Yorkers 14 and older can obtain the IDNYC for free regardless of immigration status, and need only present a valid passport from their country, gas receipts or light bills, to prove their identity and residence in one of the five boroughs.

Eleven centers will be available citywide where New Yorkers can apply for the new ID.

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