Economy January 12, 2015 | 4:01 pm

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Global honey prices spur local beekeeping boom, expert

Santo Domingo.- Honey prices in international markets have sparked a boom for good beekeeping in the country, said Martin Canals, of the Dominican Agricultural and Forestry Research Institute (IDIAF) and the Dominican Apicultural Network.

Canals, a honey researcher and producer, on Sunday said the problem that affected market production around six years ago has been already surmounted, for which the country is exporting honey steadily.

“What we now have is a big market interested in Dominican honey, but we have to produce it with safety and quality," the expert said interviewed on Tending the Garden, on CERTV.

He said honey exports head to the United States and not the European Union because the latter requires that the country to have a national waste and pollutants plan, in addition all honey extraction activity certified by the competent authority, in this case the Agriculture Ministry’s Livestock and Food Safety Dept.

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