Economy January 20, 2015 | 8:09 am

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Business leaders upbeat on bolstered production, laud Medina

Santo Domingo.- Business and industry leaders are upbeat on bolstering the country’s productive structure, spurred by an economic growth that is expected to continue through 2015.

They say all indicators suggest that the economy will continue at last year’s pace in 2015, from the drop in the cost of fuel and good management of public finances, among other positive factors.

The heads of the Employers Confederation (Copardom) Jaime Gonzalez; National Brewery, Franklin de León; Builders and Housing Developers Association (Acoprovi), Fermin Acosta, and the Herrera Micro, Small and Medium Businesses Association (Asomipymeh), Elias Baez agree with the assessment.

In a meeting in a hotel in the capital, the business leaders agreed there’ll be significant growth this year in key economic areas of tourism, trade, agriculture and construction and Asomipymes.

They say the government has managed the economy with its actions in productive sectors while the fall in oil prices will impact all economic areas.

Gonzalez said economic prospects for 2015 are good and lauds the sustained support by Medina’s Administration to all economic activities. "President Medina handled state funds with great honesty," and notes that growth expectations for this year are higher than last year.

He said small and medium and micros businesses as well as the farming sector are expected to post their highest growth this year.

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