Economy January 27, 2015 | 5:57 pm

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Biggest Dominican bank grows 9.9% to US$6.13B

Santo Domingo.- Assets of Banco Popular Dominicano at yearend 2014 topped RD$276.7 billion (US$ 6.13 billion), a jump of RD$24.9 billion, or 9.9% more than the RD$251.8 billion in 2013, Popular Group president Manuel A. Grullón announced Tuesday

Speaking in at a meeting at the Torre Popular with media executives and opinion makers, Grullon said the country’s biggest bank undertook several initiatives to mark its 50th anniversary last year and help boost new business areas and improve its risk rating.

The Popular bank executive noted that the 2014 results stem from business strategies adapted to the economy’s performance during that period, achieving better service for customers and the country’s retailers.

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