Economy February 18, 2015 | 11:17 am

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Talks leading to Electricity Pact start Wed in the NE

Santo Domingo.- The consultations to discuss recommendations and proposals leading the Electricity Pact begin in San Francisco (northeast) Wednesday, which the Government’s representative noted that they’ll also be carried out through a website.

Antonio Isa Conde said the consultations will be conducted through the country’s 10 planning regions, with chosen locations including academic centers that can f accommodate participants.

San Francisco’s Nordestana University will be the site on Wednesday; the central cities Bonao on the 23rd, Santiago and then Mao, and t finally the East and South regions.

Isa said proposals will be debated and processed, then taken to the workbench based on existing topics. “There’ll be a workbench for every central topic where the people or delegates called to the pact will go."

He said in addition to processing proposals each table will analyze the consultations’ results, reiterating that the pact’s stages are consultation, discussion and materialization.

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