Economy March 3, 2015 | 8:00 am

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Failed bank depositors can get their money back starting today

Santo Domingo.- The Banks Superintendence on Monday announced it will reimburse deposits to 6,751 customers of the collapsed Peravia bank, of up to RD$500,000 each.

Superintendent Luis A. Asuncion said 95.28% of depositors would be reimbursed in the first stage, coordinated with the State-owned Reservas Bank, which acquired Peravia’s credit portfolio discount at 33.49%, or a 66.51% recovery rate.

The Banks Superintendent said the Reservas Bank was given an audited electronic list with an ID card, a Tax Registry Number, passport and other information on the amount payable to the 6,721 Peravia depositors.

To retrieve their money, depositors must present their ID, and the original validation form for deposits issued by the Banks Superintendence.

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