Economy March 3, 2015 | 9:58 am

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Power companies ‘fully support’ pact with consumers at center

Santo Domingo.-. High costs, unstable service and other ills have characterized the electricity sector’s failures, spurring the major power companies, regulators and consumers to seek a solution to the crisis, via a pact still far from agreement.

With no consensus figure thorny issues such as the purchase of energy and a halt to subsidies, whose political cost for the parties includes a challenge to meet the July deadline.

In his recent state of the country speech president Danilo Medina said the electricity pact 0 whose talks began on January 19- is key to a definitive solution to the energy crisis.

Medina Executive Order 389-14 calls on 59 representatives from government, labor unions and social and business organizations to the bargaining table to forge the pact.

Milton Morrison, executive vice president of Dominican Republic’s power companies association (ADIE) have stated support for the talks leading to an electric pact said: "For a while ADIE has stated its willingness and responsibility to actively participate in the process to discuss the electricity pact, to find a solution to this problem that affects us all."

He said they support Medina and fully agrees with his proposal. "We feel that the power pact must be supported responsibly by all sectors convened, and in that sense we’re fully prepared to attend the talks with proposals reflecting the collective interest rather than individual interests."

Morrison added that since the electricity pact was announced, ADIE has publicly stated that the consumer should be at the center, so they can count on uninterrupted, quality service.

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