Economy March 9, 2015 | 8:52 am

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Mogul says good ties with Haiti is good for business

Santo Domingo.- Mogul Jose Luis Corripio (Pepin) on Sunday called the current Haiti-Dominican Republic relations "highly sensitive" and agreed with the government’s decision to shutter the five consulates in the neighboring country.

He cautioned however that closing the consulates should be temporary, because both countries have to be neighbors and should have harmonious relationships.

Corripio said the country must realize that Haiti is Dominican Republic’s best trading partner, whereas Port-au-Prince should also agree that Santo Domingo has provided the most solidarity in its difficult times.

"The Dominican Republic has been its best neighbor, and the country which has best treated it because all other countries with greater resources than Dominican Republic only give you words but the reality is that it’s been the Dominican Republic," he said prior to a ceremony in which the Don Bosco Neighborhood Board recognized his son Manuel.

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