Economy April 14, 2015 | 9:24 am

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Mogul predicts ‘development boom’ along Haiti-Dominican border

Santo Domingo.- Vicini group executive Juan B. Vicini on Monday said potential areas to invest have been identified along the border with Haiti and forecasts around US$3.0 billion to develop projects.

He said renewable energy and agribusiness projects can be developed in several strategic points which he affirms can transform the border and include Manzanillo port in Montecristi province, Lake Azuey and the Artibonite river basin.

Vicini said an agro project and an energy storage system could be developed on the river basin and next to the lake.

The sugar cane mogul noted that the port doesn’t require a large investment and stressed that it’s the closest point to the US Eastern Seaboard, with a high return on investment. "What we’re trying to create is a development boom on that area so it becomes an attractive spot for the population."

Interviewed on Sol de la Mañana radio program, the business leader said the viable projects will be announced here and in Haiti through universities and other organizations to engage stakeholders. He said they’ll also integrate the community in the areas where the initiatives will have an impact, with a guaranteed. "to give participation.”

Vicini said developing the border area is the ideal way for Dominican Republic to contribute to solve Haiti’s economic and social crisis, by creating jobs and attracting investment, in addition to the benefits for both nations. "When you join resources from one country with another on a border for a common good (…) it bolsters investment. It’s possible to seek harmonious solutions."

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