Economy April 15, 2015 | 4:29 pm

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Dominican Republic must ensure food in a hungry world, Medina warns

Sierra Prieta, Dominican Republic.- President Danilo Medina on Wednesday warned that in view of the impending shortage of farm products facing the world, Dominican Republic is ready to ensure food security and become an meat exporter.

Amid calls for him to seek a second term during an activity to recognize the agro sector, Medina said as more and more people increase their purchasing power in the next 25 years, major food shortages can be expected and a growing demand for meat, with a 25% increase of the number of people just in emerging countries like Dominican Republic.

Speaking in a suburb of Santo Domingo Norte, Medina said by 2030 Latin America is expected to have 130 million more people entering the middle class than today, but unable to feed that population that will demand food which it hadn’t consumed before.

He said the conditions are being created so when the time comes, Dominican Republic can have two privileges; guaranteed food security and become a meat exporter to all countries that demand it. “That’s why the country must invest what the sector needs now, to be able to respond when the moment arrives.”

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