Economy April 16, 2015 | 12:21 pm

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Q1 revenue climbs 7.6% to US$1.78B: Tax Agency

Santo Domingo.- The internaltaxes agency (DGII) on Thursday reported first quarter revenue of RD$80.1billion (US$1.78 billion), or RD$5.7 billion more than the same period a yearago, for a 7.6% growth.

It said revenue reached99% of the projection, or around RD$916.3 million lower than expected.

The DGII said March revenuetopped RD$24.3 billion, or RD$385.4 million higher than the same month in 2014,for an increase of 1.6%. revenue for hat month was 98% of projected, or RD$606.5 million lower.

"It’s worthnoting that the annual growth in collection contains extraordinary incomeearned in March 2014 and 2015 totaling RD$2.1 billion and RD$218.5 million,respectively,” the DGII said, adding that excluding that extraordinary income, March2015 revenue was 10.6% higher than the same period last year.

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