Economy April 17, 2015 | 4:42 pm

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US could ease agro ban; boost Dominican infrastructure projects: Brewster

Santo Domingo.- US ambassador James Brewster on Friday revealed that Washington evaluates a partial lifting of the ban on Dominican fruit and vegetables affected by the med-fly and how his government can collaborate in infrastructure projects in the Dominican Republic.

"The country has received several American technicians who are working to eradicate this situation and I understand that we’re very close to doing so," Brewster said in a statement from the embassy. "We can therefore expect to lift several products from the ban soon."


Earlier Friday the US diplomat met with government officials and business leaders to discuss infrastructure projects in the Dominican Republic and how the US can collaborate and provide support.

Participants spoke with Brewster on the current status of the infrastructure works throughout the Dominican Republic including roads, houses, ports, airports among others.

He stressed the importance of continuing to bolster US-Dominican Republic trade, which can be supplemented by developing joint projects of national importance.

The breakfast meeting was held in the US Ambassador’s residence, where Brewster invited those present to join the Dominican delegation he will lead to the Discover Global Markets Forum from May 12 to 14 in Miami, Florida.

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