Economy April 21, 2015 | 9:41 am

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Haiti turmoil keeps Dominican truckers out

Dajabon, Dominican Republic.- Truckers who haul freight to several towns in Haiti from the border province continue their lockout while dozens of Dominican and Haitian vendors traded normally in the market held Mondays and Fridays, under a close watch of Dominican soldiers and police.

Fenatrado union truckers who go into Haiti say they’ll not return to the towns such as Ouanaminthe, Gilea and Gonaives until their lives and rigs are assured.

Two weeks ago groups of Haitians in violent street protests not only shot and killed a UN peacekeeper and injured a Haitian police agent, but also looted several trucks full of merchandise, destroyed some of the rigs and beat some drivers who were forced to flee.

The incidents prompted Fenatrado truckers to halt service into Haiti, until that country’s authorities can ensure their safety.

Dominican and Haiti officials had also met and promised to pay for damages to trucks and for the stolen goods, but no such compensation has been reported thus far.


The market held Mondays and Fridays in Dominican territory moves tens of millions of dollars as hundreds of trucks haul merchandise while merchants arrive on mules, horses and on foot.

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