Economy April 27, 2015 | 8:10 am

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Dominican Republic ‘must double’ its 34 dams

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s 34 dams scattered across the country store water, generate power and control flooding, for which an expert proposes the construction of twice that number.

Julio Peña, head of the dams and canals agency’s (INDRHI) Irrigation Dept. said the current number of dams can safely store no more than 10 percent of the rainwater.

He said of the 34 dams, around 20 have a considerable volume. “There are others although they are not of considerable volume. Ideally the country should have twice the number of dams it now has.”

Quoted by, Peña said same experts affirm that there are 10 dams ready for construction.

Among the most important dams the official listed Sabana Yegua, Sabaneta, Tavera, Valdesia, Rincon, all of which are used for irrigation, aqueducts, power generation and flood control.

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