Economy April 30, 2015 | 5:10 pm

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Exports to Taiwan during 5 years top US$150.0M

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic Export and Investment Center (CEI-RD) director Jean Alain Rodriguez on Thursday said exports to Taiwan during the past five years topped US$150 million, of which US$14.3 million were just in 2014, “reflecting that our country is a strategic trade partner for Taiwan.”

"Taiwan is a country with great potential to position and diversify the national export supply, and for these ends we’ve worked and identified products that this Asian country imports from the rest of the world, of which Dominican Republic has a productive capacity and competitive costs which could be introduced immediately," the official said.

Rodriguez provided the figures during the start of the seminar "How to export to Taiwan" at the CEI-RD auditorium, accompanied by Taiwan ambassador Thomas Ping-Fu.

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