Economy May 1, 2015 | 11:40 am

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Dominican Republic workers march for higher wages

Santo Domingo.- Hundreds of workers set off on a march Friday to mark Labor Day demanding higher wages and better working conditions in the Dominican Republic.

Workers representing several labor unions began the march at the offices of the Unions Council (CNUS) waving pickets and head to the National Palace, where they’ll reportedly read a document with their demands including higher wages and better living conditions and pensions.

Union leader Gabriel del Rio said Labor Day finds Dominican workers going through many difficulties, as 56% toil in the informal sector and without social security protection.

He said he expects labor and management to reach an agreement to raise wages as workers demand, when the National Salary Committee (CNS) meets on May 13.

He said the unions will not allow the severance pay of workers to be affected as the result of the talks to amend the Labor Code.

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