Economy May 6, 2015 | 8:03 am

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Failed bank customers can withdraw up to RD$500,000

Santo Domingo.- Banks superintendent Luis Armando Asuncion on Tuesday called on customers of the failed Peravia bank with deposits exceeding RD$500,000 to withdraw their guarantee payment at the State-owned Reservas bank.

In the second stage 320 depositors or 4.54% of the unrelated total will be reimbursed with payment, in compliance with bankruptcy regulations.

He said to get the funds, depositors must submit to the Reservas Bank an identification and the original deposit Validation Form issued by the Banks Superintendence of.

Asuncion said to withdraw the funds depositors must sign a receipt and the forms certifying having received the RD$500,000 from the Banks Superintendence and Peravia.

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