Economy May 22, 2015 | 8:16 am

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Rains ease Greater Santo Domingo’s parched aqueducts

Santo Domingo.- The Santo Domingo Water Utility (CAASD) affirmed Thursday that piped water supply will be around 360 million gallons per day this weekend, resulting from the light rains over the upper basins of the Haina, Isa and Duey rivers.

Utility director Alejandro Montas said thanks to the stronger flow of the rivers to the Haina-Manoguayabo, Isa-Mana and Duey aqueducts, the service will start to stabilize in all subdivisions of Greater Santo Domingo.

"Today (Wednesday) the Haina-Manoguayabo system is producing 63 million gallons per day, an increase of 27 million gallons. The Isa-Mana system produces 14 million for an increase of 6 million gallons per day," Montas said.

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