Economy May 25, 2015 | 10:44 am

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Ambitious housing project could jumpstart Dominican Southwest

Barahona, Dominican Republic.- The Public Works Ministry on Sunday announced an ambitious housing project for the southwestern city Bayahona, whose residents have waited for its tourism agricultural and industrial development for decades

Public Works senior staffer Ramon Antonio Pepin said the 69 contractors will build the works as part of the Barahona Province Revitalization Project, which includes 304 affordable apartments for as many poor families.

He also announced streets repaving, pothole repairs and reconstruction of country roads.

The official said the buildings will have 10 styles to be built in Santa Cruz, to benefit the inhabitants of shantytowns at Castillo and Cambodia, in addition to Larimar City, to be built in the town of Bahoruco.

Pepin said the works were assigned to 69 contractors in a call for tenders, attended by hundreds of construction professionals of Barahona province.

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