Economy July 13, 2015 | 10:06 am

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After fatal wrecks lower speeds on Santo Domingo-Samaná road

Santo Domingo.- Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET) spokesman Diego Pesqueira on Sunday announced that 14 checkpoints have been placed on the Santo Domingo-Samana highway’s 106 kilometers, equipped with traffic radar, which he affirms has cut the number of wrecks during the past 14 days.

He said he expects motorists will start to comply with the 80Kph speed limit on regular spans and 50Kph through Los Haitises National Park, an area fraught with sharp turns and steep embankments. "We hope that drivers continue to respect the speed limit to reduce traffic accidents in that area"

The road was the site of several fatal wrecks during the last few weeks.

Pesqueira said the constant rainfall makes the Santo Domingo-Samana highway very wet.

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