Economy July 21, 2015 | 8:03 am

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Hundreds of Haitian seek IDs Santiago

Santiago.- The alleged delay in issuing identity cards tothe mostly Haitian foreigners who applied in Santiago for the government programto legalize aliens resulted in chaos, with pushing and shoves, flying fists amongthose who sought to be speed up the process, forcing police to act.

The throng formed at the corner of 30 de Marzo withDuarte Av. even halted downtown traffic.

For the second time last Friday Immigration officials hadhanded out as many as 4,000 IDs cards and planned to conclude Tuesday, but mostof the applicant didn’t appear on the list.

The program managed to enroll 25,000 foreigners mostlyHaitians, during 18 months in Santiago, of these, a large part are farm andconstruction workers.

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