Economy July 21, 2015 | 8:40 am

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What to do with so many junked planes?… build a reef

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC)director Alejandro Herrera on Monday headed a commission charged with disposingof the aircraft abandoned at Las Americas International Airport (AILA) andother terminals.

Herrera said the areas where aircraft are parked will be clearedto avoid giving the impression of a junkyard to air travelers entering thecountry. He said however that the planes don’t pose any risk to the terminal’s safety.

He said the commission had suggested delivering orreturning the aircraft to their owners who had been previously notified oftheir removal.

The official added that some of the aircraft will be usedto train aeronautics students, Airport Security agents and Civil Aviationemployees., as well as placed in some reefs to stimulate marine life.

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