Economy July 22, 2015 | 3:09 pm

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Dominican big business: Talks with Haiti must continue

Santo Domingo.- The country’s major business association (CONEP), on Wednesday said the talks between Dominican Republic and Haiti mustn’t be halted but encouraged instead.

CONEP president Rafael Blanco’s statement comes after several government officials and political leaders call for a suspension of the dialogue between Santo Domingo and Port-au-Prince, and even the severing of diplomatic ties.

He asked the Haitian government and the international community to focus on documenting all Haitians to secure a life of dignity for those citizens.

He said the current situation benefits only the extremist sectors in both nations to change an agenda which should bolster bilateral ties.

In a press conference to announce the 8th annual Grand Entrepreneurial Convention from October 20 to 21, Blanco reiterated CONEP’s support for the government program to legalize foreigners.

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