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Environment to tighten the noose on invasive species

Santo Domingo.- The Environment Ministry on Tuesday said theProgram to Control and Monitor Invasive Alien Species has been strengthened , andaims to remove chickens, the Palo Verde Iguana, donkeys and cats which compete,displace or destroy native varieties in the country’s protected areas.

Environment said the measure looks to avert damage to theecosystem by those species which also pose a threat to the survival of otheranimal and plants, some of which are found only in the country.

It said donkeys and cats in isltes Cabrito (LagoEnriquillo) and Alto Velo and Beata will be under stricter control, since theydestroy birdnests and lizards and pose a threat to small iguanas such as theCyclura ricortii.

In a press release the agency said donkeys poke holes inthe sand with their paws to drink brackish water on Cabrito, destroying crocodilenests and consuming all the vegetation on which the iguanas feed.

“That dynamic doesn’t imply the elimination of donkeysbut their transfer from those places, since in rural areas the same play animportant role,” Environment said, adding that once captured the animals aresent to the Zoo for protection and care.

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