Economy July 23, 2015 | 10:04 am

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The capital’s biggest ever tourism real estate US$1.0B project ready to start

Santo Domingo.- The upscale real estate project San Souci,on the mouth of the Ozama River and the Caribbean coast to cost around US$1.0 billion,is ready to start.

Outlet calls it the largest luxury realestate project to be developed in Santo Domingo, with an area of ??485,000 squaremeters of land now occupied by a naval base, right across from the Colonial Zone.

The project features 3,000 luxury residences, corporate offices,restaurants, a cultural center, hotels and other busineses, schools, clinic anda strip of beach and easy access to Santo Domingo’s historic center.

To start construction however requires the transfer ofthe naval base, which now occupies 70% of the land earmarked for the project, developedby leading investor Vicini Group, whose portfolio of developments includes industries,media businesses and banks.

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