Economy August 3, 2015 | 12:21 pm

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Haiti border market normal, but Dominican truckers halt freight

Dajabón, DominicanRepublic.- As announced Dominican republic´s biggest truckers union (Fenatrado)halted freight to Haiti at 6am Monday, demanding a stop to the arson andlooting of their rigs.

Dozens of rigsincluding dump trucks and tractor trailers are stationed on main avenue leadingto Dajabon, where the border market takes place as usual.

Quoted, Fenatrado spokesman Giovanni Escoto said the protest willcontinue until Haiti authorities put a halt to the attacks.

Escoto suggests a storagehub on the border, where Dominican trucks can unload their freight, to be takenacross by Haitians, to avert what he called the looting and abuse.

Fenatrado president BlasPeralta said the walkout responds to attacks on more than 60 drivers and theirtrucks, whose windshields were shattered, and some with burned tires and looted.

He said more than 100Fenatrado trucks arrive in Jimaní, Pedernales and Dajabón every day to crossinto Haiti loaded with cement, medicine, wood, food and raw materials for freetrade zones.

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