Economy August 4, 2015 | 9:53 am

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Drought: Santiago starts rationing water as major dam dries up

Santiago.- Santiago WaterUtility (Coraasan) director Silvio Duran on Monday said water to the populationwill be zoned because of the low level at the Tavera-Bao dam complex, resultingfrom the nationwide drought.

He said the dams´level dropped from 313 meters above sealevel to a critical point at 311 meters.

He said the Central Mountainsdidn’t get much of the latest showers as some parts of the country for which Tavera-Baohas dropped to a drastic level.

Coraasan Operations managerHector Jaquez said the dams´ average capacity is 320 meters above the level,adding that the situation has forced the rationing of potable water from Tavera-Bao afterproduction fell 25%.

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