Economy August 7, 2015 | 3:25 pm

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Investment firm reiterates compliance with bondholders

Santo Domingo.- The investment firm Delta Intur Corp. onThursday announced the final payment onits debenture bond agreed with its stakeholders, who in turn have withdrawntheir respective challenges.

“We want to state howeverthat Delta Intur failed to meet its commitments on that due date on the impossibilityof turning its assets into cash,” the firm said in an emailed statement, citinginternational crisis “and Spain in particular.”

It said the balanceof bond issue SIVEM-044 and the efforts of Delta Intur´s Spain-based parent company“made possible to confide once again on the country and its authorities, ” thestatement said. “This, as all agree, the representatives of Delta Intur bondholdersand their lawyers inform Dominican society in general for its timely knowledge.”

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