Economy August 11, 2015 | 9:44 am

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Major aqueducts cut supply by 75%, still no rain in sight

Santo Domingo.- TheHaina, Isa-Mana and Duey aqueduct systems have cut back supply by 75 percent aspiped water continues scarce in Greater Santo Domingo.

The Valdesia and Jigüeydams are also operate with a deficit of 14.31 (135.69) and 37.14 (504.36)meters above sea level, respectively, while the flow of the Nizao River, which suppliesboth reservoirs, fell by 1.8 cubic meters per second, when normal flow is asmuch as 12 CM/second.

The drought which hasparched the country since mid-2014 prompted the government to enact emergency measures20 days ago, with drastic reductions in piped water.

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