Economy August 18, 2015 | 11:02 am

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Superintendence defends handling of Banco Peravia collapse

Santo Domingo.- The Superintendence of Banks states that it has actedand managed the Banco Peravia collapse transparently and firmly and with strictadherence to the Monetary and Financial Law 183-02 and its applicationregulation, with a view to protecting the rights of account holders and the wellbeingof the national financial system.

In a communiqué, it declares that it has presented a formal criminal lawsuitagainst 17 individuals and that it is still actively awaiting the conclusion ofthe investigation being carried out by the National District Prosecutor’sOffice with a view to proceeding against all parties deemed to have any degreeof responsibility in the case.

In response to the information based on an interrogation conducted byprosecutors with Natacha Gabriela Castillo, suggesting that “Mr. José LuisSantoro sent the sum of RD$200,000 to an employee identified as Iromi Castro, via a messenger under the category of expenses,” theSuperintendence stated that Mr. Heiromy Castro had served as director of the AssetLaundering and Financial Crimes Prevention Department, and that he was removedfrom the institution on July 10th 2015 for reasons not connectedwith the Banco Peravia case.

The communiqué adds that the Superintendence was not aware that Heiromy Castro had held any meetings with José Luis Santoro, or that he had received RD$200,000.

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