Economy August 19, 2015 | 8:17 am

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Glencore Dominican operation reveals buyer’s profile after faux pas

Santo Domingo.- FalconbridgeDominicana on Tuesday disclosed the profile of Americano Nickel Limited(American Nickel), calling it a holding company specialized in mining.

It said the holding companyhas focused on the exploration and extraction of ferronickel deposits in theDominican Republic and the Americas.

American Nickelacquired 100% stake in Glencore Canada Corporation Falconbridge Dominicana(Falcondo) on August 13, prompting questions since the company didn’t appear inthe Web.

"American Nickelis a subsidiary of Global Special Opportunities Ltd. (GSOL), an internationalinvestment fund established in 2009," Falcondo said.

"The fund hasincreased its investments portfolio in Europe, the Americas and Africa since2009, and s continuously expands its reach."

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