Economy August 26, 2015 | 10:21 am

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PRM blasts government for overpriced fuels

Santo Domingo.- The opposition PRM’sNational Economic Secretary, Arturo Martínez Moya, accused the government ofcharging consumers an extra RD$1 billion weekly for fuels.

He said that despite the fact that crudeoil and derivatives used in the country are at the same international pricinglevels as in the last week of 2008, the government expects the public to pay RD$213.50per gallon of premium gasoline, or an extra 81.24%, RD$196.00 for regulargasoline, overpriced by 81.48%, RD$152.90 for premium diesel, 40.28% overpriced,RD$144.50 for regular diesel, 43.07% more, and RD$77.20 per gallon of LPG, overpricedby 54.40%.

He stated that the government is chargingthe consumer an extra RD$96.00 for premium gasoline, RD$88.00 for regular, andRD$ 28.00 for Liquid Petroleum Gas.

Martínez Moya, an economist, wasspeaking during a press conference on Tuesday accompanied by the party’spresidential candidate Luis Abinader and leading PRM figures. He statedthat the PLD government could not explain why it was overcharging the publicfor fuels by over one billion pesos each week.

“This overpricing of all fuels reduceswages for workers, increases the cost of living and increases poverty”, heconcluded.

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