Economy August 28, 2015 | 11:06 am

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Fuel prices fall by RD$1.00 to RD$11.60

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Industryand Commerce has announced fuel price reductions ranging from RD$1.00 toRD$11.60.

For the week starting Saturday, August 29to September 4, Premium gasoline will cost RD$202.30 per gallon, a reduction ofRD$11.20, while Regular gasoline will be sold at RD$184.4, a reduction ofRD$11.60.

Premium diesel will cost RD$$148.90, areduction of RD$4.00, while Regular diesel will sell for RD$140.80, a reductionof RD$4.10.

Optimum diesel will be sold for RD$159.90 witha reduction of RD$4.80 and airline fuel or Avtur will cost RD$95.70, areduction of RD$5.10.

Kerosene will be sold at RD$121.50 with areduction of RD$5.60, while Fuel Oil will cost RD$74.51 with a decrease ofRD$6.70.

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) will cost RD$76.70 with a reduction ofRD$1.00, while Natural Gas will cost RD$28.44 per cubic meter, a RD$1.00decrease.

The prices were calculated on the basis ofthe RD$45.15 peso-dollar exchange rate established by the Central Bank.

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