Economy August 28, 2015 | 10:35 am

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UNDP to support Mining and Energy

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Energy and Mines(MEM) will receive support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)in the area of resource management and technical assistance for the formulationof public policies for the extractive industries, regulation of small-scalemining and the implementation of a Management for Governance System.

Both institutions signed a memorandum ofunderstanding that Minister Antonio Isa Conde described by as high-value supportfor institutional strengthening and the execution of the multi-sectorialconsultation, and a tool that will ensure that Dominican society feelsrepresented in decision making in the area of mining.

“Our ministry is working full-time onthe creation of all the regulatory framework needed for having an extractiveindustry that generates wealth with social impact on the communities and thatis also capable of mitigating the environmental resources through the use oftechnology and based on the best practices,” said Isa Conde.

The minister also praised the UNDP forits vision and its alignment with the National Development Strategy that placeshuman beings at the center of public policies, and said that he shared theinternational organization’s vision of sustainable development.

UNDP representative Lorenzo Jiménez deLuis expressed his satisfaction at the alliance that they are entering intowith the Ministry of Energy and Mines, with a shared vision of promoting publicpolicies in a central area for Dominican development, the extractiveindustries, with a focus on sustainable development and placing people at itscenter.

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