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Mining and cement affect environmental quality in Pedernales

Pedernales.- Miningand cement production in Cabo Rojo in the southwestern province of Pedernales are having a negative impact onthe area, according to a study by environmental research firm Empaca.

Solidwaste, visual, marine water, inland water and noise pollution, and beacherosion are caused by these industries, and as a result, the environmental quality rating alongthis stretch of coastline is classified as “poor”.

Thestudy, “Environmental Quality Assessment of the Pedernales-La Cueva Coastline,”lists the main sources of damage as the methods used by ships transporting bauxiteas well as rocks for the cement industry, and road haulage from the extractionmines and quarries.

Thefirm says that these processes are having a significant effect on air qualityand on the landscape, as well as adding material to the seabed in the portarea.

Theresearchers also found high levels of soil contamination in the port area withsolid waste, visual pollution of the natural landscape and the marine and inlandwaters with liquid and solid waste, which is affecting vegetation as a directresult of the mining activities and transporting minerals and aggregates that take place in thearea.

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