Economy September 1, 2015 | 8:19 am

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Truckers lift strike, Haiti-Dominican border market back to normal

Dajabon.- Thousands of Haitian and Dominican vendors andbuyers took part in the binationalmarket held Mondays and Fridays, with dozens of tractor trailers and othertrucks resumed the haul of freight into Haitian territory after the Fenatrado truckersunion lifted its shut down that lasted 27 days.

At a meeting inJimani (west) Haitian authorities agreed to ensure the safety of Dominican driverswho enter that nation, said Giovanny Escoto, head of Fenatrado´s localaffiliate.

He said he´s confidentHaitian authorities will restore security on their side of the border, notingthat the economy for Dominican and Haitian locals relies heavily on the weekly bordermarkets.


Truckers started enteringHaitian territory before 8am as Immigration and Customs officials expedited securitychecks, assisted by inspectors, police and military personnel.

Security measureswere heightened to prevent disorder among the large crowds and drivers whofaced significant delays before crossing the Masacre river bridge.

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