Economy September 4, 2015 | 10:06 am

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By 2020 most Dominican should be digitally linked to world economy

Santo Domingo.- By theyear 2020 the Dominican Republic should have 80% of its population digitally connectedand integrated into the world economy, which will make its citizens more intelligent,educated and productive.

The conclusions wasdisclosed Thursday from a workshop on broadband, hosted by the Dominican TelecommInstitute (Indotel) with support from the Inter-American Development Bank(IDB).

Advanced BroadbandDevelopment Study Center (Ceabad) representative Xavier Barragan headed thetwo-day conference whose participants also suggested a public-privatepartnership among the strategic objectives to increase fiber optic coverage by 100%in the towns and for 80% of the population.

Another proposal is basictraining in the use of information and communications technology (ICT), forpublic schools to enhance teachers’ skills from 15 to 50%, and students 30 to80%.

Barragan said thetool should also help reduce corruption and increase 100% AND empowerment ofcitizens, to enhance democracy. “That´sthe vision, through the empowerment of the ICTs, to promote equality and thequality of life of the population."

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