Economy September 11, 2015 | 11:26 am

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Gasoline down a third straight week, diesel, propane up

Santo Domingo.- TheIndustry and Commerce Ministry on Friday posted a mixed bag of fuel prices forthe week from September 12 to 18, when premium gasoline will cost RD$192.70, orRD$4.40 less, and regular will sell for RD$175.10, or RD$4.10 less per gallon.

Premium diesel willcost RD$152.20, an increase of RD$1.40, regular diesel will cost RD$144.60, anincrease of RD$1.70, optimum diesel will cost RD$162.70, or RD$0.60 more pergallon.

Avtur cost RD$101.10,an increase of RD$2.70; kerosene will cost RD$124.80, an increase of RD$1.00and fuel oil will cost RD$78.97, an increase of RD$1.66 per gallon.

Propane gas will sellfor RD$80.80, an increase of RD$2.50 and natural gas remains unchanged at RD$28.44per cubic meter.

The Central Bank´s postedaverage exchange rate of RD$45.17 per dollar was used to calculate all fuels prices.

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