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Dominican Civil Aviation éarns the right´ to international kudos

Punta Caucedo, Dominican Republic.- The head of the North America, Central America and theCaribbean Regional Office of the International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO) on Monday lauded the country´s accomplishments in civil aviation.

Melvin Citron spoke duringthe presentation of statistics in the conference "Current State of civilaviation in the Dominican Republic and in the region."

The ICAO official saidDominican Republic is in Category 1 because is earned that position, by fully complyingwith all requirements demanded by the organization he represents.

"This country isdoing everything right in response to the questions of who, when and what itdid to surmount the hurdles. Dominican Republic has not only complied to reachCategory 1, it has reached and exceeded the standards required by ICAO, whichhas become it´s biggest challenge, because the hardest part is to sustain theselevels of compliance, which it’s harder than to reach it for the first time,"he said.

The ICAOrepresentative showed statistics to prove that Dominican Republic is among theregion´s first countries in reaching the goals, making a leader in aviation.

The presentation for CivilAviation representatives was headed by IDAC director Alejandro Herrera, attendedby the other senior Dominican government officials.

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