Economy September 16, 2015 | 10:54 am

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Early birds note: License plate renewals start in two weeks

Santo Domingo.- The InternalTaxes Agency (DGII) on Wednesday announced its latest tool to directly consultthe status of motor vehicle plates online starting October, and verify if thereare any liens that would prevent the renewal of the one-year sticker known as marbete.

In a statement to thepress Internal Taxes said advises the service is available on its website,clicking on the "Consulta Ciudadana" button and select "Consultade Placa" section

The DGII saidthe service provides timely information for citizens to renew their 2016sticker on time, which begins in a few days.

To check thestatus of a vehicle, the owner enters their ID (cedula) number and the plate number.The system will then tell specify whether the vehicle has a lien pending whichwould prevent its sticker renewal, and lists the steps to take to lift theopposition.

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